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Register Sponsors- Online
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If you have enabled Everyone, Members, or Non-Members for the sponsor registration, sponsors can register via your event registration page. Registering as a sponsor online is very similar to registering as an attendee. Your sponsors will complete all the required fields, and apply their payment.


NOTE: The Sponsors/Ads module is required to use this functionality.


Register Sponsors Online

Sponsors are able to go to the online Event Details page and select to register, just like any other attendee. This will open the event registration page and will display the sponsor options in line with regular attendee registration.



IMPORTANT: Any sponsorships that arrive via the event registration page will have a "Pending" status. Be sure to use the Actions menu and Approve sponsorships after they have been reviewed by staff!


Approving Sponsorships

If you are allowing public registration of your sponsorships, they will display in the Sponsors tab with a "Pending" status until staff uses the Actions option and approves the sponsorship.



As soon as the sponsorship is approved, GrowthZone Sponsorship benefits are applied; however things like logos and URLs will have to be manually entered in the back office. 


In this example, we have approved MacKenzies sponsorship that was submitted online; they still have a balance (they have not paid for the sponsorship), but because staff approved them their name is now displaying on the event page, the registration page, and in any emails related to the event. (The sponsorship level they purchased only displays their name, not their logo or URL.)




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