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Set Up Sponsor Registration Type
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Using the Sponsors/Ads module in conjunction with your events allows you to generate additional revenue and have GrowthZone do a lot of the work for you- it's a win win! To get started, you will set up Sponsorship Benefits, then you will tie the benefits to a Sponsor Registration Type. Once created, you will be able to use the benefits to set up sponsor types through all of your events.


NOTE: The Sponsors/Ads module is required to use this functionality.


You can now set Sponsor and Sponsorship to the terminology of your choosing. See Set Up System Terminology for more details.

Set Up Sponsor Registration Types

  1. Click Events in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Open the destination event.
  3. Click on the Sponsor Setup Tab. Any existing Sponsor Registration Types will be displayed in the Sponsor Registration Types section.
    The Sponsor Setup tab, with the Sponsor Registration Types highlighted
  4. In the Sponsor Registration Types section, click the Plus button to add a Sponsor Registration Type.
    Adding a new Sponsor Registration Type
  5. This will open the Add Sponsor Registration Type window.
  6. Configure the Sponsor Registration Type.
    • Details:
      • Sponsorship Name: Enter a name for the new sponsorship type. (GoldSilverBronze, etc. Best practice: use the same name as the Sponsorship Display Level!)
      • Sales Goal: Optional and internal. If you have a goal of X number of sponsorships of this type, enter that number here and the system will help keep track for you.
      • Max Available: Optional and internal. If you are limiting the number of this sponsorship type for this event, enter that number here. Once the limit has been reached, if the sponsorship type is public, no other sponsors will be able to register for this sponsorship type.
      • Position: Select the order this sponsorship will display in (1 for 1st, 2 for 2nd, etc). 
      • Description: Description of the Sponsorship Type. If Allow Staff Only is enabled, this is internal only; if Allow Staff Only is NOT enabled, this description will appear on the event registration page.
    • Settings:
      • Availability: Select the audience the sponsorship registration type will be available for.
        • Everyone: Both members and non-members can register with this type.
        • Members: Only Members (using their email or Info Hub login to confirm membership) can register for this type. If this option is enabled, more options will be available (see below).
        • Non-Members: Only Non-Members can register with this type.
        • Staff Only: Only Staff can register with this type using the Register as Staff option; it will not be visible to non-staff registrants.
      • Limit to Memberships (optional): If the sponsor registration type is restricted to Members, you can additionally restrict it to specific membership types.
      • Is Displayed for Non-Members: If the sponsor registration type is restricted to Members, you can allow non-members to see the registration type, but it will be greyed out and unavailable for them to select.
    • Included Attendees/Tables/Teams:
      • Registration Type: If your sponsorship includes attendees, select the attendee registration type you wish to have sponsor attendees use. If needed, you can create a new registration type "on the fly" by clicking the gray plus icon  to the right of the selection dropdown. You may use any standard attendee registration type for your sponsorship registration types.
      • Quantity Included: enter the number of attendees included with the sponsorship. If there are no limits for number of sponsor attendees, enable the Unlimited checkbox.
        IMPORTANT! If selecting a table/team registration type, use the number of Table/Team registration types included. For example, if you're including 4 attendees and have a Table/Team registration type set up for 4 attendees, you would enter "1" for the Quantity Included since the 4 attendees are contained within a single registration type.
    • Fee Items:
      • Fee Item: Select the Fee Item (Goods/Service item) this Sponsorship Type will be using. You can set up a new one on the fly by clicking the plus button. See Setting Up Standard Fee Items for more information.
      • Class Name: Optional. If using QuickBooks classes, enter the class name here.
      • Quantity: Enter the default quantity for this item. (Usually 1.)
      • Price: Enter the price for this Sponsorship Type. The price set when the Fee Item (goods/service item) was created will be displayed by default. You can change this as needed.
      • Hide: Check this box if the sponsorship is part of a bundle and you do not want it to appear as a separate line item on the invoice. The amount will roll into another invoice item and still be included in the total.
      • (Optional) Click on the blue plus sign  to add another fee item to this sponsorship type. Click the minus sign  to remove a fee item from the sponsorship type 
    • Display Options: Select the Sponsorship Display Options you wish to association with this sponsor registration type. If needed click the gray plus icon  to create new Sponsor Display Options.
  7. Click Done to save your Sponsor Registration Type.


NOTE: It may be helpful to name your Sponsor Registration Types the same as your Sponsor Display Options, to help them match up.


The last step is to begin sponsor registrations. You can do this in the back office, or by allowing sponsors to register themselves online.


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