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Continuing Education Enrollment
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Contacts may be enrolled in a program/certification in one of the following ways:

  • Register for a Continuing Education event on the website;
  • Register for a Continuing Education event via the Info Hub;
  • Staff enrollment from the back-office (NOT RECOMMENDED)


In your Continuing Education General Settings, the Enroll Attendees to All Relevant Certifications option is enabled by default; this setting will automatically enroll anyone who registers for an event with a certification component attached into the appropriate certification program. The majority of GrowthZone customers will use the Continuing Education module in this way, completely automating the enrollment process. There is nothing else you need to do to enroll attendees to certifications if this setting is enabled for your database.


Disabling this setting is NOT RECOMMENDED. Do not disable this setting without guidance from Support.


If this setting is disabled for your database, you can enroll contacts into certification programs manually in the following ways:



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