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Manage Attendee Purchases
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The Attendee Purchases tab will contain important information about the event-related purchases made by the attendee, including the Invoice # and and Discounts. Each column in the table is described below.

Billing Name

Name of the Billing contact for the purchase. Depending on your Billing Setup, this may not be the person who registered

Invoice #

Also available on the Attendee tab, clicking on the invoice # brings up the Edit Invoice window. This column is color-coded so you can see at a glance which invoices have been paid or satisifed (green) and which are unpaid (red). If there is not an invoice # in this column, this indicates the invoice has been written off, or it is a free registration type that does not create invoices for registrations. NOTE: If an invoice has been written off, the invoice number will be displayed with a strikethough on a green field on the Attendee Purchases tab; the invoice number will no longer display on the Attendees tab, but will have a green field. This helps staff members see at a glance that those invoices have been manipulated, but are considered satisfied.
In the Edit Invoice window you can make various edits to the invoice itself. If a payment has been made you can also view the payment history by clicking on the Reference Number in the Payment History section or Download PaymentSend Email, or Create Refund, all available from the Actions button in the Actions column in the Payment History. If no payment has been made, the Payment History section will be empty.


The value of any discounts used on a purchase will be displayed here. Clicking the discount will display the Sales Discounts window for your review:

Invoice Total

For viewing only (not clickable), this displays the total of the invoice for the event registration, including actual registrations and additional items.

Invoice Balance

This column represents what remains to be paid on the invoice. If the invoice column is green this amount should be $0.00


From the Actions drop-down on the far-right side you can send the invoice via email, download the invoice, enter check/cash payment, or enter credit card payment.

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