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Parent/Child Use Case: Child Inherits Parent Membership
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In this scenario, there is a parent location with several child locations. The parent location owns and pays for its own membership, and all child locations inherit the membership.


Parent: Main HQ

Children: Branch 1, Branch 2, Branch 3


Main HQ has a Billing Contact named Jane Doe


Contact relationship type: set up as Location

Membership type: set to Full Inheritance


In Main HQ's record, go to the Child Businesses section and add Branch 1, Branch 2, and Branch 3.


In Main HQ's record, either add a new membership, or view the details of the existing membership. The active membership will be owned by Main HQ, and the Billing Contact should be set to Jane Doe.


All invoices/scheduled billing reside in Main HQ's billing tab.


All child locations will display the Main HQ-owned membership and membership status.



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