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Use Case: One Event, Two Components- Granting COEC and COEN Credits for a Single Class
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There are instances in which a REALTOR® association will have a single class granting both COEN and COEC credits. Components can have only one type (COEC or COEN) and attaching two components to a single event will grant BOTH credits to ALL attendees- which is really not optimal, to say the least. There are two options for this situation: one using the Expo Module to set up sessions; and one using separate events.


Expo Module Option

If you subscribe to the Expo module, you have the ability to enable Sessions for your event. In this case, you would set up your event; set up a timeslot; and then set up two sessions: one for COEN, and one for COEC. Each session gets its own component. When agents register, they will have to select the appropriate session to receive the credit for that component.

Enabling Sessions in an event
A session with the appropriate component attached.
Selecting the desired session for COEC or COEN credit

When the event/session is completed, marking the registrant as completed IN THE SESSION will grant the appropriate credit.

The Sessions/Breakouts tab showing the number of registered contacts for each session.

Marking contacts as attended in a session is similar to marking them attended in the event; clicking on the number of registrations for the session will open a Session Attendees window, where you can either Set All to Attended, or manually select each attendee status to the appropriate option.

Setting contact status within a session

No Expo Module Option

If you don't have the Expo module, the only solution is to set up two separate, concurrent events, each with its own component. This is the only way to grant attendees the proper credit for their attendance.


If you would like more information on the Expo module, please contact our Engagement Team.

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