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Google Search Console - ChamberMaster/MemberZone Pages Not Showing Up On Google

Please follow the guided list below if your ChamberMaster website has pages on the subdomain that are not showing up on Google. _**STEP 1**_ 1. See if the webpage URL is on Google or not. 2. Go to the URL page in question. 3. Copy. 4. Go to the Google search bar. 5. Type "site://" paste the copied URL righ…

Setting Up Zapier

## Getting Set up In Zapier Once you have a Zapier account, and the GrowthZone team has given you API access, you can then begin to build out your Zap(s). Unlike most GrowthZone integrations, the majority of the setup involved in integrating with Zapier will occur on the Zapier side via your customer dashboard. This…

Configure Continuing Education General Settings

The **Continuing Education General Settings** allow you to define the number of days prior to the expiration of a certification that an automated email will be sent, and which or your lists/committees will receive a notification when final certification requires administrative review. 1. Click **Setup** in the left…

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