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GZ Pay Monthly Transfers
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The GrowthZone Pay Monthly Transfers report provides a list of all transfers from a selected gateway, month and year. This report will give you all of the payments that match up with a specific transfers to your bank account and the initial transaction date. This report should be used to find the fees associated with credit card transactions so that you can make the appropriate journal entries into your accounting software.


NOTE: Your very first deposit (transfer) may take up to 7 days to be deposited. After that, deposits (transfers) are made daily and are typically composed of the payments that were processed two days prior for most US and Australia customers; seven days for other countries. For example, August 1st charges are deposited by August 3rd for most US and Australia customers; August 8th for other countries. August 2nd charges are deposited by August 4th for most US and Australia customers; August 9th for other countries. On occasion, banks may take 2-3 additional days to post funds. Also keep in mind that transfers that are scheduled on weekends or holidays won’t be accepted by your bank until the next business day. Also some US and Australia customers may initially be set for a seven day transfer while business activity is evaluated.


  1. On the Billing module overview tab, click GrowthZone Pay Monthly Transfers in the Reports section. The report is automatically generated and will default to the current month.
  2. To change the filtering criteria, select desired filtering criteria: Payment GatewayMonthYear.
  3. Click Refresh Report.



By clicking into the id link for a given date, you will be able to see the specific transfers along with the contact name, transaction ID, payment amount and fees.



NOTE: An automated process will create a deposit, within the GrowthZone software, for each GrowthZone pay transfer. A separate deposit will be created for payments processed through bank accounts and payments processed to credit cards. The automated deposit will be for the Gross amount. See Deposits for further details.


See the following for Common Report Functions:

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