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Manage Invalid Email Address
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Due to increased vigilance from outside organizations that rank email sender reputation, having a clean email address list is very important to ensure all of our customers can continue to communicate reliably to their members. 


To assist you in this task, a process runs on a nightly basis to scan all emails in your database for email addresses for invalid status. The following types of addresses would be considered invalid:


  • Addresses where the syntax is incorrect (e.g. multiple @ symbols, extra space, etc.)
  • The domain of the email address doesn't exist
  • The address of the recipient no longer exists on the receiving server
  • The MX record of the domain itself doesn't exist.


These are all cases where the email would never make it through to anyone.


"Fix" Invalid Email Address

If a users email address has been noted as invalid, a red yield sign   will be displayed in the contact info section next to the email.



The software provides you the ability to recheck the email, mark an invalid email as valid or edit email address and recheck.


  1. On the contact's Profile tab, click the invalid email.

  2. Select the desired action:
    • None: select this option to simply leave the email address as invalid.
    • Mark as valid: select this option to mark the email as valid. If you've personally verified this address is good even though the verification system indicates it is not, we've given you an option to mark it as good and remove it from the Quarantine list. Please do not abuse this option; we want to protect your email sender reputation.
    • Recheck address: select this option to recheck the email address. If the address is found to be valid, will be removed from the invalid list. If the address is found to be invalid, it will remain on the invalid list.
    • Edit email address and recheck: selecting this option will open a text box for you to enter a new email address. This system will check the new email address, and if valid the email will no longer be marked as invalid.
  3. Click Close. NOTE: Refresh the page, and the email will be updated if applicable.


NOTE: If you see an email address that is marked as invalid and you are unable to validate or flag them as valid, check and if you have an integration with Constant Contact or Mailchimp set up, they may be marked as invalid with that service, and you will not be able to change it in GrowthZone.


Invalid Email Addresses Report

When an email is bounced or gets a spam report, it is flagged in your system. The system will prevent you from sending emails to flagged/invalid emails. The Invalid Email Addresses Report provides a list of all emails in your database that have been marked invalid.

  1. Click Reports in the Navigation Panel
  2. Select Invalid Email Addresses Report.
  3. Enter desired filtering options:
    • Email Validity Change Date: If you wish to view results for email addresses based on when they were flagged in your system, select a change date.
    • Contact: If you wish to view results for an individual contact, type the name of the contact.
  4. Additional Filtering Criteria: Add additional criteria, as needed. For example: if you wish to view only emails that have been flagged for a specific reason, choose Validity Status, then enter the bounce reason.
  5. Select Display Options.
    • The system is setup with default fields to display in your report. You may add or remove fields by clicking on the Fields to Display drop-down arrow.
  6. Select Summarize by criteria. This optional field allows you to select how you wish report results grouped. For example, you may choose to group results by Validity Status.
    • Display Mode: Select the desired display mode. When Detail is selected, a list of all email addresses will be displayed. When Summary is selected, a list of each validity status and the number of bad emails will be displayed.
  7. Click Run Report.



From the report, you will be able to click into the name of a contact to access the contact's General Tab. From this tab, you will be able to manage the invalid email.


See the following for Common Report Functions:


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