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Reporting on NRDS Data
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The Contacts Report will allow you to create reports containing the NRDS Information that is populated on the Real Estate tab. Perhaps you need a report of all Realtor type active agents, with NRDS ID and License number. To generate this report:


  1. Click Reports in the left-hand navigation panel
  2. Click Contacts Report 

  3. Add the following filters: Member Type equals R
  4. Add the following fields to display (at a minimum) to your report: NRDS ID, NRDS Status, NRDS License Number, Member Type
  5. Click Run Report


Did you know... you can dynamically update report rosters with the results of reports. By doing so, you will always have an up to date list for communication with just the right agents. See Smart List - Dynamically Update Contacts in Lists/Committee from Report Results for more information. 




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