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Duplicate Account Number Report
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The Duplicate Account Number Report gives you the ability to verify the existence of duplicate account numbers on contact records set up in your GrowthZone software.

  1. Click Reports in the Navigation Panel
  2. Use the Quick Filter  or the Customize Filter  to apply the Contacts category.
    Using the Quick Filter to select the Contacts category.
  3. Select Duplicate Account Number Report.
    The Duplicate Account Number Report
  4. (Optional) Enter any Additional Criteria/Filters as needed. Click the small plus  on the left to add additional criteria/filters. We're first going to run this report without any filters to cast a broad net for any duplicate account numbers, so we're leaving this blank.
  5. (Optional) Select Display Options. The report is set up with default fields to display; you may add or remove fields by clicking on the Fields to Display drop-down arrow and searching or scrolling for the field you want to include. To add a field to the display options, enable the checkbox to the left of the field name. There's nothing here we need to add for this report, so we don't need to add or remove any fields.
  6. (Optional) Select Summarize By criteria. This optional field allows you to select how you wish report results grouped. (Summarize options are listed alphabetically in the dropdown, but recently/commonly used selections will "stick" to the top of the list.) For the initial run of this report, we don't need to group our results, so we'll leave this blank.
  7. Click Run Report.
    Our report, showing no results- no duplicate account numbers in our database!

In this case, we ran the report and got no results; there are no duplicate account numbers in our database.


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