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User Account Report
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The User Account Report gives you the ability to view all of your contacts and their associated log-in name, access level, etc. Importantly, by deselecting Has Account you will be able to see those members that do not have login credentials.


  1. Click Reports in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Click User Account Report.

  3. Enter desired filtering criteria.
    • Access Level Type: If you wish to view results for one or multiple types (Staff, User, Other), select the desired type(s).
    • Account Created Within: If you wish to view results for accounts created in a a specific date range, select the desired date range.
    • Membership Type: If you wish to view results for certain membership types, select the desired type(s).
    • Membership Status: If you wish to view results for certain membership statuses, select the desired status(es).
    • Has Account: This check-box is enabled by default. If you wish to view only those who do not have an account, de-select this check-box.
    • Add Additional Criteria / Filters as needed.
    • Select or remove desired Fields to Display.
    • Choose a field by which you wish to summarize.
  4. Click Run Report



Did You Know? If you have generated a list of members who do not have login credentials, you can create a list and then use the New Member Access email template to send a mass email to all inviting them to create their login credentials.


See the following for Common Report Functions:

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