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User Account Report
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The User Account Report gives you the ability to view all of your contacts and their associated log-in name, access level, etc. Importantly, by deselecting Has Account you will be able to see those members that do not have login credentials.


  1. Click Reports in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Select or Search for User Account Report.
    Using the Search field to find the User Account Report
  3. (Optional) Select your search filtering criteria.
    The User Account Report
    • Access Level Type: If you wish to view results for one or multiple types (Staff, User, Other), select the desired type(s).
    • Access Level: If you wish to view results for a specific access level, select that here.
    • Account Created Within: If you wish to view results for Info Hub accounts created in a a specific date range, select the desired date range.
    • Membership Type: If you wish to view results for certain membership types, select the desired type(s).
    • Membership Status: If you wish to view results for certain membership statuses, select the desired status(es).
    • Has Account: This check-box is enabled by default. If you wish to view only those who do not have an account, de-select this check-box.
  4. (Optional) Enter any Additional Criteria/Filters as needed. Click the small plus  on the left to add additional criteria/filters. Let's run this report to see which of our members has an account, but has not logged in to the Info Hub: we'll need to add Last Login Date/Time Is Empty to our filter.
    Adding Last Login Date/Time Is Empty to our additional criteria
  5. (Optional) Select Display Options. The report is set up with default fields to display; you may add or remove fields by clicking on the Fields to Display drop-down arrow and searching or scrolling for the field you want to include. To add a field to the display options, enable the checkbox to the left of the field name. This report has an extensive set of defaults, so let's remove a few to make it less busy. We're going to go with Contact Name, Primary Business, Individual/Default Access Level, Access Levels with Related Organizations, Account Username, Account Email, and Last Login Date/Time.
    Removing a few options from the Fields to Display to make the results more focused
  6. (Optional) Select Summarize By criteria. This optional field allows you to select how you wish report results grouped. (Summarize options are listed alphabetically in the dropdown, but recently/commonly used selections will "stick" to the top of the list.) We don't need to group these results for this report, so we'll leave this blank.
  7. Click Run Report.
    The report results, showing our list of members that have created an account for the Info Hub but have not yet logged in


Did You Know? If you have generated a list of members who do not have login credentials, you can add them to a list and then use the New Member Access email template to send a mass email to all inviting them to create their login credentials.


See the following for Common Report Functions:

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