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Accounts Receivable Aging Summary
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The Accounts Receivable Aging Summary report allows you to keep on top of outstanding invoices. It will give you a solid understanding of your existing and future cash flow position. It provides a list of all invoices in specific aging ranges (Current, 1 - 30 days, 31 - 60 days, 61 - 90 days, 91 - 120 day, and 121+ days). by specific product category (ie. Membership Dues) or Accounts. Reviewing your accounts receivable aging report at least monthly—and ideally more often—can help to ensure that your members are paying you. It at least tells you where they stand so you can take steps to collect if necessary.


  1. On the Billing module overview tab, click Accounts Receivable Aging Summary in the Reports section.
  2. Select any desired filtering criteria: Report DateFee Item TypeIncome Account, or additional Criteria / Filters. For example, perhaps you wish to see aging for just Membership Dues.
  3. Select any desired fields to display on the report from the Display Options. This option will allow you to limit the results to a specific date range, for example 120 days +.
  4. Click Run Report.





See the following for Common Report Functions:

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