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Stored Payment Profiles Report
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The Stored Payment Profiles Report provides a list of your contacts and their stored payment profiles (credit card or bank account). You can filter by when a transaction was last processed using the profile or when the profile was added. This can be useful if you want to track and reward members for setting up a payment profile. Built-in filters allow you to generate the report based on Payment Gateway Type, Payment Gateway, Last Successful Payment Date, and Profile Created Date.


Generate Stored Payment Profiles Report


  1. Click Reports in the Navigation Panel
  2. Search for and select  Stored Payment Profiles Report. 
  3. Enter your search filtering criteria. For example, if you were looking for a certain card type add a filter Card Type Equals to your search criteria as shown in the screenshot below.
  4. Click Run Report.



See the following for Common Report Functions:


Use Case - See a list of members who have stored cards for membership dues or other recurring fees


Generate the Stored Payment Profiles Report, as described above, adding an Additional Filter "Scheduled Item Count" greater than zero. The resulting report will show the list of members with stored payment profiles and the number of items to which that profile is stored. This is an indication that the payment profile is tied back to a scheduled billing.






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