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Collections Detail Report
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The Collections Detail Report will allow you to search for over-due invoices based on invoice date, invoice due date, membership type, product category, goods/service type, sales person, etc. This report can help manage who has a membership that has been invoiced that has not been paid in full (then perhaps determining whether the membership is dropped, or whether you would reach out to the member). You can add additional filters, such as Days Past Due, to search for invoices that have aged beyond a certain number of days. Once the report is generated, you may use the list to generate a group that could be used for sending collections notices.


  1. Click Reports in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Select Collections Detail Report.

  3. Select your search filtering criteria.
  4. Display Options
    • Fields to Display: Default fields are automatically included in your report. You may add or remove fields as needed. For Example, if you wish further details about a membership, you may wish to add Membership Join Date/Start Date and the Membership Type to the report.
    • Select a Summarize By option. For example, you can summarize the report by Contact Name to group together all of the invoices by contact.
    • Select desired Display Mode. Select Detail show individual invoices for a contact; or Summary to display the total of all contacts invoices.
  5. Click Run Report.



The report will show detailed information about the contact, the invoices items, number of days past due, etc. In the above example, the report was Summarize By contact name, and the Display Mode is set to Detail.


See the following for Common Report Functions:

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