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Total Spending by Contact Report
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The Total Spending by Contact Report will provide you with the total amount contacts have spent over a given time period. It can be filtered by product category (for example events vs. membership) to view contact spending patterns. This can help you in budgeting for future years.


  1. Click Reports in the Navigation Panel
  2. Select Total Spending by Contact Report.
  3. Select your search filtering criteria. For example, you may wish to generate the report for a specific Fee Item Type to view spending for just that type.
  4. Optional - enter additional Criteria/Filters.
  5. Select Display Options. They system is setup with default fields to display in your report. You may add or remove fields by clicking on the Fields to Display drop-down arrow.
  6. Select Summarize By criteria. This optional field allows you to select how you wish report results grouped. For example, you may choose to group results by contact name.
    Total Spending by Contact report filtering options
  7. Click Run Report.


Report results screenshot


See the following for Common Report Functions:

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