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Certification Roster Report
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The Certification Roster Report may be used by by staff person, holding a certification training event, to create a roster OR sign in sheet. The roster may be generated for all components or a single certification component, as well as for a specific date range. A default Certification Roster documentation template is provided in your database so that you can easily create a sign in sheet. You may view and/or edit this template via the Documentation Generation functions. See Setting Up Document Templates for further information on configuring and uploading templates.


  1. Click the Certifications Overview tab.
  2. Click Roster in the Reports section.
  3. Select from the following filtering criteria:
    • Certification Item: Begin typing the name of the component. Type ahead functionality will allow you to select the desired component. This selection is required.
    • Start Date Between: Select a date range, if you wish to generate the report for specific dates.
    • Additional Criteria / Filters: Select additional filters as needed.
    • Display Options: Add or remove display options as needed. NOTE: If you wish to use the Mail Merge functionality, you must include all of the fields you wish to merge. Additionally, if you wish to use the roster as a sign in sheet, add the Sign In and Sign Out fields to include blank columns for this purpose in your output.
    • Select any desired Summarize by options.
  4. Click Run Report.
  5. To create the mail merged roster, click the down arrow on the Run Report button.
  6. Click Mail Merge.
  7. Select the desired template from the list. NOTE: Only templates designed as Certification Roster type will be available for selection. If needed, click the   to upload a new template. See Setting Up Document Templates for further information on configuring and uploading templates.
  8. Select the desired output format: PDF or Word Document.
  9. Click Done.


The file will download, and you can make any necessary changes prior to printing out your roster.


See the following for Common Report Functions:

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