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Sales Funnel Report
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The Member Recruitment Report provides you with many ways to analyze the opportunities in your funnel. For Example, you may analyze based on salesperson, sales source, sales probability and so on.


  1. Click Reports in the Navigation panel.
  2. Click Sales Funnel Report

  3. Select Desired filters for your report:
    • Sales Persons - This filter option will help you identify sales opportunities by sales person.
    • Sales Statuses - This filter option will help you to identify the status of your sales opportunities: Won, Lost, Active, On Hold, Pending, Prospect.
    • Sales Stages - This filter will help you to identify the current stages of your opportunities. Sales Stages are customized by you.
    • Sales Source - This filter will help you to identify where your sales opportunities are coming from.
    • Sales Categories - This filter will help you to identify the types of sales opportunities currently in your Member Recruitment "funnel".
    • Created Date Range - This filter allows you to view only sales opportunities created in a selected date range.
    • Won/Lost Date Range - This filter will help you to identify won/lost sales opportunities in a selected date range.
    • Estimated Close Date - This filter will help you to view sales opportunities expected to closed in a selected date range.
    • Probability - This filter will help you to identify the probability of winning (or losing) sales based on the probability range that you enter.
    • Criteria / Filters - You can select additional filtering options for your report by clicking the + button next to Criteria/Filters.
  4. Display Options:
    • Fields to Display: Select the items that you want to include in your report. Default fields are included, and you may select additional fields (or remove default fields) by clicking the Fields to Display box.
    • Summarize By: This option allows you to select how you want to summarize the results of your report. For Example, you may want to summarize the report by sales person or by probability.
    • Display Mode: This options allows you to display your report results summarized or detailed.
  5. Click Run Report to generate the report. In the example below, the report was generated to see the total value of all sales opportunity wins, summarized by sales person, in detail display mode.



See the following for Common Report Functions:

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