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Contacts Report Use Case: View report of contacts and cell phone numbers
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The Contacts Report provides a way for you to generate a list of all of your contacts along with specific type of contact information. For example, you can generate a report to view all of the contacts and their cell phone number. 


  1. Click Reports in the Navigation Panel
  2. Use the Quick Filter  or the Customize Filter  to apply the Contacts category.
    Using the Quick Filter to select the Contacts category.
  3. Select the Contacts Report.
    The Contacts Report

NOTE: If multiple contact info exists for one of the fields (i.e. multiple social sites), the info will appear in a single column and will be comma separated.


For this report, we want a list of all our active contacts with cell phone numbers, so let's select our criteria.

  • Contact Status: Active
  • Additional Criteria of Cell Phone Is Not Empty
  • Add Cell Phone to Fields to Display
The Contacts Report, filtered to Active contacts with cell phone numbers in their record.

Click Run Report.

The Contacts Report results, showing a list of all active contacts with a cell phone number in their record, and displaying the numbers

See the following for Common Report Functions:


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